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Bouncy Pals – The New Generation of Inflatable Ride-On Toys

Bouncy Pals was born when the iPlay, iLearn design team was tasked
with creating a new line of inflatable ride-ons that incorporated the active play elements of the traditional concept, while adding an element of style and comfort.

They answered by adding a removeable/machine washable plush
fabric cover to the inflatable inner, that gives these Bouncy Pals a warm and friendly feel
that makes you just want to hug and pet them.

The first iteration of the Bouncy Pals was the Brown Horse and Pink Horse.
From there the team added the Magical Unicorn which quickly became a Best Seller.
Since then, Bouncy Pals has added Farm, Mythical, Ocean, Wilderness, and
Holiday pal collections to the line. Each collection is full of cute
new character designs that add a fun
twist on animals we know and love.

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I bought this for my daughter for her first birthday and needless to say, it's a hit!

Kyrstan Rianna

It’s very cute and easy to blow up. It’s also very durable for my two year old which was a concern of mine.


Love Love Love Lovvvvve this toy! 

Amy H.

We just received this today and it is so colorful and cute!